Method To Connect A Preamplifier With The Integrated Amplifier

In the audio system, the sound enters as the weak electric signals. The preamplifier is the important component in the audio system it converts the weak electric signal too strong sound signals.

These signals are clear signals and background noise are reduced in these signals. The integrated amplifier consists of suitable sound sensors to amplify.

The preamplifier picks up the sound form manual or digital source. The integrated amplifier multiplies the sound from the preamplifier and gives clear sound.

The following steps should be followed to connect the preamplifier with an integrated amplifier.


Analyze the status of the system

The audio system should be carefully inspected before the preamp to be connected. The audio system analyzes for its normal functions.

The audio system ports are to be tested for their efficiency output. The compatibility of the audio system with the preamplifier is also analyzed.

We have to select the preamplifier according to the configuration of the audio system. The user must engineer advice for selecting the preamplifier to be connected with the integrated amplifier.

The user must clearly understand the user’s manual before to connect a preamp to an integrated amplifier.


Select Power cables

There are two types of power cables for connecting the preamplifier with an integrated amplifier. They are RCA cables and XLR cables.

The user must clearly understand the structure of these cables before connecting. The RCA connector is the three-port connector which consists of white input, red output connector, and white center connector.

The XLR is the seven-pin connector used in professional audio systems. Analyze the port structure of the audio system for selecting the suitable cable.

The selection of suitable cable is the perfect option to connect preamp in front of integrated amplifier for effective transmission of signals.


Connect the cables

The preamp cables are carefully examined before connection. The type of cable in the preamp must be the same as the integrated amplifier of the audio system.

The length cable should be calculated accurately from the preamplifier to the integrated amplifier. The cables from the input port of the preamp are connected with the output port of the integrated amplifier.

The speaker is important to use the preamp in front of integrated amplifier to get clear sound

Final Words

The user must understand the configuration of the audio system before connecting the preamp. The manufacturer of the audio system is also contacted for assistance.

The sensors of the preamplifier should be calibrated before connecting to the audio system.